January 17, 2008

A month and a day

Yup, that's how long it took to get my lymphedema back under control after a flare up. And that's in the winter, with none of the usual triggers of warm weather, insect bites, gardening, etc.

My physical therapist says that I can wear only my sleeve (and glove, if needed) and sleep without bandaging this weekend. If my arm and hand stay the same, on Monday morning I can cancel my last appointment scheduled for Tuesday.

Cost to me in dollars and cents for this month:
$175 (7 copays @ $25 -- thankfully my health insurance pays for the physical therapy)
$36.50 in bandaging supplies (not covered by my health insurance)
$70 (2 copays @ $35 for urgent treatment while traveling)

Being able to sleep comfortably? Priceless.

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