January 27, 2008

Lymphedema again

On Friday evening when I took off my sleeve I noticed that my hand was a little puffy. THis is NOT a good thing. Although I went to sleep as usual, in the back of my mind I knew i was headed for a weekend of gloves, wrapping, etc. I wore the sleeve and glove while at the Dunava recording session yesterday, but as soon as I came home stripped them off and wrapped my arm.

I'm sad to say there is no immediate improvement overnight, which means I will wrap again and hope to last 23 hours in the bandages. If my arm and hand are still puffy on Monday, then I have to call my doctor and launch another round of physical therapy. We haven't yet received the bill for the last round of PT!

I am VERY unhappy about this and wish I could figure out what might be triggering it. I detest wearing the glove and hope that the balance of my lymphatic system isn't swinging over to needing a glove on a regular basis....

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