January 10, 2008

Three weeks and still bandaging

I am one day short of two weeks dealing with a serious lymphedema flare up. I've had 6 sessions of physical therapy for manual lymphatic drainage massage and 2 cross-country airplane trips.

There is some improvement. For instance, I can wear my sleeve for most of the day and go without the glove for part of that time. Being glove-less has allowed me to catch up on computer stuff (requires typing), cook a good meal (requires using a knife), do all the ironing and brush the dog with relative comfort, all using my left, dominant hand.

However, I'm still bandaging overnight every night. Last night I tried to sleep without meds. I tossed and turned for hours. It felt like my hand was stuffed into a giant oven mitt and it was hard to find a comfortable position.

Tonight I think I will go back to the sleep aid meds just to get a good night's rest and not bother Rik.

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