January 07, 2008

Lymphedema and travel

I am back after spending a week with my parents on the other coast. The idea was to give my mother a break while my dad came home after 8 weeks in hospital and rehab. And since my mom had scheduled a surgical procedure, the other idea was to pamper her a bit. The surgery went very well, and I think I succeeded in the respite break and pampering.

I cooked yummy food. I washed the dishes. I folded laundry. I played Scrabble, dominoes, and many rounds of gin rummy. Best of all, my mother could leave the house knowing my dad was safe with someone who cared about him. So she was able to get a manicure, see a movie, run errands with a clear mind.

My lymphedema continues to improve ever so slightly each day. While back east I saw a physical therapist who specializes in manual lymphatic drainage, so I continued to get the treatment I need. Thankfully my health insurance provider recognized that I was in an "urgent" situation and needed specialized care, because they said they would cover two visits to the PT. The long airplane flights should not have set me back too much.

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