May 26, 2006

Am I coping?

Dad was finally removed to a rehab center on Wednesday, thankfully by ambulance from the hospital. My mom can't imagine how they would have transported him by car. He seems to be in a good facility and has actually been motivated to do more for himself. However, I hear he has lost a lot of weight, and his voice on the phone doesn't sound all that good to me. I am trying to prepare myself emotionally for when we go back east next week.

Took my car in for an oil change and $750 later (oy!) it is running well. Gillian rescued me and bought me lunch while they were working on the car. Can you imagine sitting at the mechanic's for 3+ hours!? I didn't have enough pages left in the book I was reading. We split a burrito at Taco del Mar and cruised the mall. Retail therapy.

Speaking of books, check out "Yiddish with Dick and Jane." You'll laugh till you plotz!

I have been self-medicating with chocolate. Had a yummy chocolate ice cream with dulce de leche and chocolate bits at Mora at Bellevue Square. Almost as good as Graeter's ice cream from Cincinnati. Today I had a Nanaimo bar made by a friend. Chocolate and butter and sugar and hazelnuts and coconut... totally delicious!

I started physical therapy for my lymphedema and it seems to be helping. Yoga today was also a mellowing agent. And there's always the ativan for when I really freak out.

I am RELLAY looking forward to singing and dancing at Folklife!

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