May 29, 2006

1st grey hair; Folklife update

On Friday I discovered my first grey hair. I am 46 years old, have had cancer since 1999, and just now saw a grey hair! It felt a little wiry compared to my normally fine brown locks, just the way it's been described.

Do I love to sing! On Sunday my choir had our set at the NW Folklife Festival. We were very well received, and evidently sang the best we have yet. It was a beautiful venue -- the Nesholm Family Lecture Hall at Seattle's McCaw Hall, the new(ish) opera house. The lecture hall is small and inviting, with the "stage" at the bottom of a deep house. The house lights were just bright enough to be able to see people's faces. Of course Rik took about 90 photos. It was great to have so many friends in the audience!

We sang 30 minutes of Bulgarian, Croatian and Russian songs, with a Romanian lullaby and Bosnian love song thrown in for good measure. Maybe I will be able to post an audio file for you to hear! In the meantime, enjoy the photos.

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