October 02, 2013

So much to catch up on

Let's see ... Our synagogue honored me on Simchat Torah, we drove the Leaf to Vancouver BC to spend the weekend at a bar mitzvah, I took down most of the sukkah, and we might adopt a second dog. Whew!

Every year Beth Shalom honors two members on the holiday of Simchat Torah, when we finish reading the Torah and start it all over again. All the chairs were moved out of the center of the sanctuary, and people were singing and dancing with the Torah scrolls. When it came time to honor us and read the Torah, everyone formed two lines facing each other, and E and I were carried through the lines sitting on chairs. It was very exciting to be so surrounded by our community.

A congregant spoke about both E and I. In her case, the speaker was a woman who is basically her "adopted" daughter and a great teacher. In my case, it was a friend who's known me for a long time. They both said lovely, truthful and thoughtful things about us.

We each received an aliyah to the Torah. I think I received the last aliyah because of details having to do with my Kohen status, but who knows? It could just as easily been age first (E is a senior). At any rate, I looked over the shoulder of the Torah reader to see the beginning of Genesis in its original Hebrew.

After services we ate a good lunch, and then Rik and I headed north to Vancouver BC. See the next post for details.

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