October 22, 2013

Catching up

I realize I haven't been blogging lately. The last bit of Xeloda round 9 really got to my hands and feet. For round 10 I reduced the dose again, but my hands have still not completely recovered. The skin on the tips of my finger is peeling and has little sensation or pain, depending on what I'm trying to do. For instance, for about a week I couldn't turn on a lamp because holding the switch to turn it was so painful. Rik had to cook for a couple of days too, when I found it painful to hold a knife. Fatigue played a role too, and I had a couple of days of diarrhea.

Last week we had painters in the house to fix the bedroom ceiling where water had leaked. We had the roof re-done during the summer, but the painter wasn't available until now. So every day I woke up when Rik left the house, about 6:45 AM, which is very tough on me. The painters arrived around 8 AM every day, but didn't always stay the whole day as things were drying. The result, aside from my fatigue, is a beautiful teal blue color on the walls, a warm cream color on the trim, and a lovely lighter teal on the ceiling. I bought drapes in brown with a teal, green and yellow pattern.

We moved the furniture back in (having slept on the sleeper sofa during the week) and friend L came over and reconnected the dealing fixture. All that's left is to rehang the art, a small mirror, and the Japanese haori jacket S gave me. It's purple with teal trim, so it will look beautiful on the teal blue wall.

More later about our new rescue dog!


  1. The new paint scheme sounds beautiful -- photo, perhaps? Looking forward to hearing about the dog too, and of course a photo is required for that! Hope you're feeling better and that the side effects are lessening.

  2. A beautiful newly painted bedroom... in the colors you described... sounds wonderful, Jill. As does a new rescue dog. :-)

    I don't comment often but I read your blog whenever you post. I wish you the best that is possible right now.

    Sincerely~ Andrea

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