October 02, 2013

Last catch up

Since we've been back in Seattle I've bought lots of groceries, ran some errands, and taken down my part of the sukkah. We had a sunny afternoon yesterday, and I spent a hour or two taking down the decorations, throwing the s'chach (greenery) off the top of the sukkah, and sweeping the needles and green bits off the deck. (The next day was compost, recycling and garbage day.) I checked all the electric lights before packing them up, and have some of the decorations drying on the table while the rest of the stuff went straight into the storage box.

I made dinner for a shul family needing support, and have two other meals to make on Thursday and Friday. I sure hope no one gets tired of sesame cold noodles!


  1. Nothing stands in the way of you and your busy life, does it? That is why I love to come here.

  2. I found your blog listed as the second best breast cancer blog on the Healthline website. I am glad to have visited too.