March 20, 2013

Quick tummy update

Immodium seems to finally have stopped the diarrhea, but my tummy is still tender and achy and I have little appetite. I've lost about three pounds. The nurse says that's likely mostly water. Trying hard to stay hydrated.

Yesterday's brain MRI and Avastin infusion left me very fatigued. I slept for several hours after we came home and took a nap after breakfast this morning.

As far as MRI results, I'll see what Dr G says tomorrow. If it's working, he is willing to consider reducing the Xeloda dose so that I don't get slammed with side effects again in the next cycle.

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  1. I have followed your blog (it is a lifeline for me) since I began my dance with metastatic pancreas cancer a year ago. Thanks for sharing your journey to help others like me.

    Have a blessed and joyous Pesach!