March 28, 2013


Pesach has alternated between quiet and a madhouse.

On Sunday I started cooking, finished everything by Monday around 2 PM so there was plenty of time to take a nap. Our young friends H and A came over to set the table, sweep the floor, and do any ancillary chores. I certainly couldn't have been ready without them!

Our group of eleven at seder was lively, fun and full of ... POETRY! I had asked everyone to please write a poem about part of the seder, and they really stepped up to the task. Here are some samples

From K:
A green shoot breaks through
the packed soil, yearning for
freedom in the spring air,
reaching for the sky, striving
for freedom from the earth.
He wants to be a strong stalk
a beautiful plant
shaking in the summer breeze.
At the peak of his existence, he
gives us his fruit and fades away.
Just a memory on a rainy fall sukkah.

From S:
So now it's time for the story of Pesach,
Four questions, four sons, it's all on the mesa,
Tell the story of Exodus and dab wine for the plagues,
We narrowly missed the Egyptian blades.

(Nice play on words in the last line. The Hebrew word of Egypt is Mitzrayim, meaning the narrow place.)

And one last haiku from G:
Delicious dinner done
Afikomen next we eat
Eliahu comes
I plan to type up all the poems and send a booklet to everyone who participated, along with the photos Rik took.


  1. A blessed Passover to you, dear lady.


  2. Oh it sounds wonderful. What a novel idea the poetry is and then to be given a record of it all, a memory, most impressive!