March 24, 2013

Brain mets are stable

I have n=been deficient in blogging for the past few days.

First of all, my brain mets appear stable. This is the good news from last Monday's scan. Dr G plans to try one more round of Xeloda, although he did agree to reduce the dose by 1/6 (from six pills to five) and will give me an extra week off treatment in April. I may need it, since the leftover fatigue from the last round is still wearing me out.

I continue to have very little appetite in the evenings, and have lost about five pounds (from 120 to 115). Breakfast usually goes well, and lunch too, but somehow I never seem to be hungry until after 8:00 PM.

I am spending today doing some Passover cooking. I just made the chopped liver to my Dad's recipe and after I clean up, will start eggplant caponata, matza farfel "granola" for Rik, and chocolate-almond cupcakes for seder dessert. Tomorrow I will make the roast turkey, chicken soup and knaydlach (matza balls). Everyone else is bringing something.

My plan for Monday is to be done cooking early and have time for a nap. Then I will relax, enjoy seder and let everyone else do the serving and cleaning up. Am I smart or what?


  1. Hurray for stability. Sad about the price you need to pay to remain there. Hope the decrease in dosage helps and you can hopefully get the break you want.

  2. One of the smartest!!!!!

  3. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Dear Jill,
    So glad you're hanging in there.
    Have a happy and blessed Pesach!
    All best wishes for strength and joy to you and Rik, and also "da boy,"
    Sandra L

  4. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Best wishes to you for a chag pesach sameach v'kasher!

    I would like to communicate with you not in the comments box... I have stage 4 bc too, dx 2 yrs ago, and I also knew Charisse, z"l, a beautiful neshama.

    send me an email if you are so inclined, no rush, after the seders, when you have time...

    Will this tell you my email address?

  5. I just love your joy for inspire me.....I check you blog almost daily because you just live life to the are a true inspiration!
    Be blessed and be well....