February 14, 2013

Xeloda so far

I've been taking Xeloda for one week and already the soles of my feet are red. After showering, I noticed that my toes, balls of my feet and heels are more red than usual. Even though today is Valentine's Day, that's not the kind of red I hoped for!

I've been using Udderly Smooth cream day and night on my feet. I'm taking lukewarm showers. I've asked for input from friends. I'm not sure what else I can do except report this potential hand-foot syndrome to Dr G before it gets worse.


  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Hi there - I use Xeloda as well (and Tykerb). It can really make your hands and feet red and raw at times. You usually get a bit of a break 1 week after the two week dose as apparently, according to my oncologist, it is a week behind. My feet are worse than my hands - my feet get red, and the heels will crack from time to time. I use Glysomed HAND cream on my feet (the foot cream doesn't seem to work)and I use Udderly Smooth at night on my hands and put cotton gloves on so that it really soaks in. Don't rub it in on either hands or feet - just glob it on. I soak my feet every day in a plastic tub of cold water and glob on more lotion, usually in the afternoon in between my morning shower and a final cold water foot rinse at night in the tub. I'm not too fussy about this condition, but it's keeping me alive. Another thing - heels, sandals, etc are gone for me - a shoe with a thick sole (I live in runners and have just adjusted my lifestyle so that I try to remain in runners most of the time when going out). Slippers with lots of foam inside helps too. Wishing you well! It's worth it, it really is. It's just sort of lifestyle change as you're always taking care of your feet and hands every day!

  2. I was going to suggest soaking your feet in cold water. It doesn't sound pleasant, but neither does the condition... Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  3. i am in awe of your positivity and outlook. i was just diagnosed in dec, got clear margins after 3 surgeries. blogs like your have helped me stay in tune, and in touch with what's going on. i appreciate this. i decided to start my own blog, breastcancerrookie.blogspot.com as a way of hopefully helping someone down the road also -- take care! katy

  4. Your positive energy is amazing...I hope that some of the nasty 'sides' of xeloda mellow out soon. Thanks for sharing PS..a cream with MSM in it might help...