February 08, 2013

Xeloda begins

Yesterday my mail-order pharmacy called to confirm shipment of my first cycle of Xeloda (capecitabine). I asked to have my signature required because if such an expensive package should disappear from my front door, I would be hard pressed to pay the full amount to replace it. This is a very expensive drug. The pharmacist was delighted to hear that I made this choice.

I've corresponded with my list serv, Club-Mets-BC (found at www.acor.org), and received some excellent advice on hoe to deal with side effects. Many people have done well on this chemo, and taken it for months. Hand-Foot Syndrome is common, which I've had before when I was taking Doxil. My list serv buddies recommended using Eucerin lotion with 10% urea for my hands and Udderly Smooth cream for my feet. (I could have used Bag Balm, which was developed for cows' sore teats, but it's very sticky.) Everyone recommended starting these lotions now to help prevent hand-foot syndrome if possible.

I take 1500 mg of Xeloda morning and evening, either with food or within 30 minutes of eating. I have portioned out doses for the rest of this week and will take my first dose tonight at dinner.

Let's hope Xeloda will be very effective for many cycles, with few and tolerable side effects.

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  1. A friend of mine was taking Lipo-Dox which has the same side effect. She is a walker, and equates being able to do a daily walk with being healthy. She pushed on through those walks last August not realizing that heat and friction exacerbate the problem. Her skin turned bright red and began to slough off. It was very painful, and she struggled for the remainder of her time on the drug. Please make sure that you also take it easy on your feet. Keep them cool and avoid any friction, tight fitting shoes, etc.