February 04, 2013

Head MRI

This morning I had a head MRI. Thanks to T for driving me so that I could take Ativan and relax in the MRI tube. I actually think I fell asleep for a bit!

This diagnostic tool might help Dr G figure out why my left eye was twitching, why I have a numb spot on my chin and why I have been "stretching" to find the right words lately.

Now, the funny thing is that except for the numb spot on my chin, all the other symptoms have disappeared. But Dr G wants to see me tomorrow anyway, to give me the results of the MRI. He also does not want me to have the scheduled eribulin chemo tomorrow.

My guess is that he looked at the digital images from the head MRI and saw something concerning. It could be more brain mets. If that's the case, I'm sure he will change treatments pretty quickly. We've talked about two possibilities already, but I will wait until I see him tomorrow before speculating more here.

Either way, I have been through much of this before. That doesn't mean it's not scary! But at least it's a familiar fear.

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  1. I don't know what to say, except that I will be praying you receive good news tomorrow,