December 24, 2012

Just an update

A friend reminded me at shul last Saturday that I hadn't posted to my blog in quite a few days. So here's the latest:

I braved Costco, which was not especially crowded for this time of year. They had black cod, which I adore. Then had to go to Umajimaya for the kazusuke marinade.

Dunava had our last choir rehearsal on 2012. We worked hard, sang well, and are busily preparing for the next recording session in January.

I had the second dose of eribulin plus the monthly dose of Faslodex (two shots in the tush). It's odd how the Faslodex didn't work on its own the first time I took it, but in combination with exemestane (Aromasin), it seems to be helping keep my cancer down.  Three days of steroids followed, but only 4 mg per day, so I didn't feel especially strung out.

I made it to the synagogue board meeting that same day as chemo treatment, after a long nap in the afternoon (despite the steroids). I was even able to follow and participate in the discussions.

Went back to the oncologist's office the next day for my Neulasta shot, to build white blood cells and allow me to be around people and limit the risk of infection.

Cooked Shabbat dinner for good friends (Thai-ish tom yum soup, black cod kasuzuke, black rice with coconut milk and chopped almonds, rice wrappers with sliced vegetables and sweet chili sauce, ginger cake with fresh pineapple. And J's delicious challah.

I've done almost nothing since -- well, walked the dog, took some naps, read a book, and watched "Strictly Ballroom" for the umpteenth time. (One of the best and funniest dance movies ever made!)

Tonight my mom arrives for a visit. It should be a great week!


  1. I've heard of this Strictly Ballroom several times. Maybe I should give it a watch. :) Have a really week and happy New Year!

  2. You look so radiant in your photo! I also had breast cancer, but finished treatment. So far, so good. I wish you lots of years to match the vibrancy of your spirit. A happy new year and wishes for many, many more.

  3. Anonymous1:39 PM

    I just found your blog today. I was diagnosed with mets to pelvic bones and ovaries on 12/12/12... Anyway my onocologist started me on Faslodex right away. If you don't mind sharing how long were you receiving the shots before Dr discovered it wasn't working on it's own? Thank you for your blog!

  4. I want to come to your house for Seder. Yummy yummy!!!!

  5. To whoever asked about high dose Faslodex:

    The first time I took it for about four months, when we realized it wasn't working. This time I take it in combination with Aromasin (exemestane) and the combo, along with chemo and Avastin, seems to be working.

    1. Anonymous3:22 PM

      Thanks Jill. I put my name in but my post came up anon...I appreciate your reply. I am going in for 2nd dose tomorrow. Thanks again! Barb

    2. Barb Bristow3:26 PM

      Thank you Jill. I appreciate your response. I am going in for 2nd dose tomorrow. Barb Bristow