September 25, 2011


Tomorrow I am supposed to get dose 13 of Abraxane. I've had slightly fewer doses of Avastin. There is one sore on my tongue and I am feeling pretty pooped today. I'm going to take a nap even though I just finished eating breakfast and walking the dog.  

It's cooled off again in Seattle although the sun is trying to break through the clouds. My experiment of leaving my head uncovered has been successful although I'm not sure what I'll do in this cooler weather! I guess wear a hat instead of a scarf and try to look more like a normal person. 

I'm putting dark brown eye shadow on the two noticeable patches of less hair growth on my head. But even with head hair growth, my eyelashes are mostly gone. 

That's all, I'll stop rambling now and take that nap.


  1. It must be hard for you to have your eyelashes gone. It really affects me negatively that mine are missing. I am glad that your hair is long enough for you to go natural and not cover up with hats. How happy that must make you. YAY!!!

  2. My hair grew back and this past week noticed it was thin again but not coming out in hand fulls like it did when I first started Abraxane. My Abraxane has stopped working so they are putting me on Xeloda. Have u had this chemo and any side affects? Hang in there, hair will be back.

  3. :) we r all one

  4. I'm sorry you lost your eyelashes too :(
    Try to rest a lot....
    Praying for you

  5. Keep the strength and stay strong. We CAN beat this awful disease. I am currently fighting melanoma and working on a non-profit organization to help cancer fighters as well. Hopefully we will be able to reach out very soon and help you in some way.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers, and by the way your blog is beautiful.


  6. Anonymous6:26 AM

    You are one inspiring woman Jill. I read your blog in awe! Jane , Creston BC

  7. I love the look of you with your head uncovered! You are such a rebel!!! Bringing back the punk rock look single handed. LOL!