September 08, 2011

I've been working in the garden....

All the live-long day!

Well, not quite. But yesterday I managed two full hours of weeding and putting down weed-prevention "paper," and the day before I got in about an hour's work. I find it curiously satisfying to yank out the weeds. In a way, it's like ironing or polishing the silver. You start off with an untidy mess and when done, voila! Looks like new.

I hope to finish weeding the strawberry bed today or tomorrow (it's about an eight hour job, total) and maybe get to some of the other side of the house while we still have so much sunshine.

Yes, folks, the sun has been shining in Seattle for a week straight and we have hopes for continuing sunshine through the weekend. At last we're having summer! If this continues, not only will the rest of the cherry tomatoes and Chester berries ripen, my six green Early Girl tomatoes may even get red! Already a couple are showing a bit of orange blush. I might still get a vegetarian "bacon," lettuce and tomato sandwich this year!


  1. how wonderful that your garden is coming in! The veggie bacon sandwich sounds delicious. I too am
    a vegetarian. I just tried some veggie bacon and was unsatisfied. Do you recommend a brand?

  2. Although I'm not a vegetarian, I keep kosher, which means I separate milk from meat. For dairy meals, I buy Morning Star bacon strips. For meat meals, I buy kosher beef fry. And I LOVE Best Foods (Hellman's on the east coast) mayo with olive oil. In fact, since I went to the farmers' market and bought heirloom tomatoes, maybe I'll make a sandwich now!

  3. thank you for the tip on the bacon strips. The morning star actually have a bacon smell! You seem to be feeling really well right now. It makes me happy to read it. It is mid cycle of my 3 on one week off. This is the taxol week the other two weeks are taxol and avastin. It is awesome that for now you aren't an chemo. Yay!!!

  4. Anonymous4:41 AM

    I love a veggie sandwich. Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and whatever other sliceable vegetable I have on hand. I use a 12 grain bread and a slice of baby swiss cheese, with a little mayo. Like a salad between two layers of bread.

    I am glad that you are feeling well and living life normally and productively! ~debby

  5. Hope you get to enjoy your Bacon,lett, tomato sandwich soon. We have had plenty here in North Carolina. My tomatoes are just about done for the season. Guess the Farmers market will be getting my business for tomatoes soon.
    Take Care.