December 09, 2010

This article says it all

Read this if you still wonder why "pinking" everything related to breast cancer does a disservice to women who actually have it. And die from it.

In light of Elizabeth Edwards's recent death from metastatic breast cancer, this November 2010 New York Times Magazine article, Think About Pink, is timely again.

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  1. Thank you for posting this again... as you say, it is timely.

    It would be nice if Ms. Edwards' passing were to inspire meaningful progress on instituting (and funding) more international cooperation and coordination of research and treatment for this terrible disease. It's ridiculous that such places as China and Mexico are doing more cutting edge research in this area than we are... and that we then refuse to look at (and expand on) the studies because they come from such places as China and Mexico.

    Not likely. But I guess if I have a Christmas Wish, that would be it.