December 19, 2010

Keeping up with Jill

Rik said the funniest thing to my mother the other day. She called when I wasn't home, and when asked where I was, Rik said "She's feeling so good, I can barely keep up with her!"

It's true, I have been feeling exceptionally well. I'm sure most of it is due to being off chemo since October. My return to good health, not to mention hair, has given me even more energy than I expected. And of course, having enough hair to look intentionally short, keeping my reduced weight stable and being again the size I was when I met Rik 16 years ago all contribute to better mental and emotional good health. (The new clothes I had to buy didn't hurt either. Retail therapy can be very helpful.) Even my lymphedema seems to be under better control.

I will see my orthopedist this week and get his take on why I have pain in my knee. Then all the docs will "talk" and hopefully Dr G will recommend that I stay on the high dose Faslodex.

In the meantime, I enjoy feeling good!

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