September 23, 2010

Day 3 of Adriamycin #3

Even with the reduced dose of steroids at Monday's chemo, I have had a bounce of energy for the past few days. I also got some good sleep, with the help of Ativan. I will try to taper off it tonight so that I can start up again next Monday.

Because it was a lovely evening, we ate dinner in the sukkah last night. Today, of course, it's raining, and that might have been our last meal in the sukkah for a few days. It was just us, but I made a delicious roast chicken with zucchini strips marinated in preserved lemon, garlic, and salt, and tossed with pine nuts. We made kiddush over juice made from our very small grape harvest, barely half a glass each.

If anyone has tips on how to improve the quantity of our grapes, I am open for tips. I only know we have sweet, green grapes, not the type. The arbor is full of leaves and vines, but we got very little fruit this year. (Had a bumper crop last year.)

I did a little cooking today since I am bringing a meal to a sick family (zucchini minestrone and bread). Plus I started some cookie dough that can be frozen for a few days and baked up fresh, and made some spiced nuts.

I guess I have more energy than I realized!


  1. I'll be interested to hear any suggestions you get about the grapes. I planted some grape vines in the spring. They're doing nicely, but very small. How long does it take before they are ready to bear. Someone told me five years? I've meant to look it up, but simply haven't had time.

  2. Ronney2:05 PM

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  3. Anonymous10:12 PM

    The grape harvest is similar to our plum harvest - I think it was the weather. After 2 years of freezing and eating tons of plums, this year our share (with the critters) was two. And none left in the freezer.