August 03, 2009

Zometa today

I got my monthly dose of zometa today. Every four weeks I shlep up to Swedish Hospital's Cherry Hill campus to the Ambulatory Infusion Center. (I think that means patients who walk in on their own two feet, i.e. ambulatory.) The nurses here have been taking care of me since the beginning, with my original diagnosis in 1999, again when my cancer metastasized in 2002 and ever since. I did spend about a year getting treatment at my oncologist's office at the Minor and James building, but I much prefer the less crowded conditions at Cherry Hill.

Today's zometa was nothing out of the ordinary. I just want to remind myself (and you) how much of my life revolves around medical stuff. Even now, when I feel relatively good, am taking a daily oral medication that we all hope works, and only see my oncologist monthly, I still have this infusion every four weeks, occasional tests and follow up appointments to get results.

It seems that a week hardly goes by without something medical on my calendar.


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  2. You could probably be an oncology nurse for all you have been through. Good you could amble on in today. Blessings:)