August 07, 2009

Firsts in the new bathroom

On Wednesday, after we came home, Rik and I tried the new toilet with a ceremonial first flush of one piece of toilet paper. The "liquid only" button worked so well -- swoosh! and the paper was gone. (Of course, in the intervening days, we have also tried the "solid" button and it, too, works well.)

We have washed our hands in the sink, run a load of laundry or three, even filled the vanity with stuff so we could open and close the drawers to observe the slow close mechanism with glee.

Yesterday the tiler sealed the shower tile, and today we took our first showers! There is so much room in this new shower. The rainfall shower head sits high above our heads; no more ducking to make sure all the shampoo has been rinsed from your hair. I even shaved my legs and put my feet up, one at a time, on the little ledge built especially for this purpose.

The towels are warm from the heated towel rack and the floor is toasty under our feet. All in all, a huge success! (Now all we have to do is pay for it.)


  1. enjoyed your blog very much and will be back

  2. Good to make sure things work. When we redid our kitchen/laundry room, the plumber moved an outside faucet and apparently forgot to reconnect it. Because of all the rain we've had, it was only last week that I discovered this faucet is a sham! He's coming back.....

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