August 31, 2009

Monthly zometa

Today was zometa day, my monthly infusion treatment of a bone-strengthening drug. I've been taking this or another bisphosphonate for seven years with apparently much good effect. My bones appear to be healthy and it seems to have had no adverse impact.

Still, every month I sit in the chemo chair, have my port accessed, and am reminded that my cancer is here, there and everywhere in my bones. I'm fortunate that except for one drug, the 5FU that almost killed me in May, over these past seven years everything else I have taken has been oral. I pop a pill at home or swallow a small capful of stuff and hopefully it works.

My tumor markers (CA 27.29) have been trending upwards the past few months. I must ask the oncologist if this is something he's worried enough about to make a change in my treatment. Since I see him later this week, I should be able to remember.

Plus the Journal of the American Medical Association recently published an extract on estradiol therapy which has been widely quoted for lay people elsewhere.

As Dr. G has always said, I just have to stay alive long enough for the next thing to come down the pike.


  1. I love that your Dr. has such a positive outlook. You combine that with a woman who spits in the eye of cancer every birthday, and man, you've got an invincible team!


  2. PS: My WV was cocoa. Yep. A good doctor, an indomitable spirit and cocoa....