August 03, 2009

Bathroom remodel nears completion

Our bathroom will be almost fully complete tomorrow! The sink and vanity, toilet, mirrored medicine cabinet and shower are all installed. The paint looks good. The lights are up. Everything has been tested and works just fine.

Today the contractor installed the washer and dryer, stacked on top of each other. He finished touching up the paint, added the final fitting to the hand-help shower and tested it. He put the faucet and soap dispenser into the sink vanity. We met this afternoon to have a final look over the whole thing, then hope to move back in on Wednesday.

The only outstanding items are the shower door, which should be ready next week. In the meantime the contractor has hung a tension rod and plastic curtain so we will be able to use the shower. And the tiler has to complete the backsplash over the sink and seal all the tile. So we may not be able to shower right away. We are hoping to make an arrangment with a neighbor if it's just a few days until he seals the tile.

Although Rik and I are very grateful to the friends and neighbors who opened their homes to us for the past month, we can hardly wait to sleep in our own bed again!


  1. Hi, I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer last fall at age 40. I enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. looks fab- enjoy your new bathroom. I am thinking of getting ours done- it needs it for sure