December 04, 2008

Today's tests

Today I had a mammogram and ultrasound of the left breast. When the radiologist said, "Do you want to do the biopsy today also?", I asked how long it takes to get the results. She said to expect 2-3 days.

As it happens, I have a major fundraiser I'm working on taking place this weekend, so I would prefer not to be distracted about waiting for a pathology report. So I decided to postpone the biopsy until next week.

The Breast Center staff were very good about working with me to set up appointments. First we got on the surgeon's calendar for next Thursday. Then, working backward, we scheduled the biopsy for next Monday. The pathology report should be back from the lab in time for the appointment with the surgeon.

IF the pathology report is positive for cancer, I'll be perfectly positioned to talk about options with my breast surgeon.

And IF the pathology is negative for cancer, the nurse will call me and we can cancel the surgical consult.

Either way it's a win-win for me: I get the information in a timely way and get to make treatment choices right away.

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  1. bjohanna3:24 PM

    We're out of town next week. Do keep us posted. Love ya. (And Rik and Pumpkin, too.)