December 22, 2008

Happy Chanukah!

Today was the first day of Chanukah 5769. We celebrated in the usual fashion: lit the chanukiyah, sang the blessings, and ate potato latkes. The whole house smells from fried potatoes!

(Although today was the first day, it was already the second night, hence the two flames in the photo. Well, three if you count the shamash.)

Chanukah is possibly the least important but most widely celebrated Jewish holiday due to it's proximity to Christmas. Rik and I don't exchange gifts but do get together with friends, play games, eat food fried in oil to remember the miracle, and sing. It's the perfect solstice celebration.

On other fronts, we've been snowed in for several days with very un-Seattle-like freezing temperatures and more than 8 inches of snow. I did get out to attend a wedding yesterday (a friend who has chains on her car's tires offered a lift). And our neighbors hosted a block party which everyone attended, since we were all able to walk over.

Chag sameach, wishing us all the best of the season.....


  1. bjohanna1:43 PM

    Ronni wanted to make latkes the other night, but we were both too tired. We had baked potatoes instead, calling them "latkes on the half shell."

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