November 29, 2008

Our Thanksgiving celebration

We had a truly lovely Thanksgiving day with family and friends. My mom came to visit and our friends the D's joined us for a great afternoon and evening.

Here is our Thanksgiving menu, entirely home made except for the beverages:
sparkling rose wine and cider
green salad with cranberry dressing, pears and spiced walnuts
grill-roasted turkey
mushroom stuffing
tricolor roasted sweet potatoes
salmon in filo pastry (for the vegetarians)
brussels sprouts sauteed in olive oil and tossed with hazelnuts
whole wheat rolls

Then we took a break to walk the dog and - burp - digest.

We played a new parlor game I had just learned called Picture Telephone. Each player writes a sentence on a piece of paper and then passes it to the next person, who draws what the sentence says, then folds the paper so that only the drawing is visible. Pass again and now write a sentence of what you think the drawing means. Fold the paper again so only the new sentence is visible, pass to the next person and draw as above. Repeat, folding the paper so only a drawing or sentence is visible, and when you get back your original sheet of paper, unfold it and read the first sentence and last sentences aloud.

We laughed so hard we cried.

Then we sat down for dessert:

chocolate pecan pie
pumpkin bread with chocolate chips
dark chocolate covered almonds rolled in turbinado sugar and sea salt (these were from Trader Joe's)
coffee and tea

At the end of the evening we played Apples to Apples. A great time was had by all.

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  1. bjohanna8:42 AM

    Oh my goodness, I can barely move after just reading the menu.