November 14, 2008

Zometa again

Here's the rhythm of my days -- Yesterday it had been a month since I last had an infusion of zometa, the bone-strengthening drug I take every four weeks. One month ago I was in the hospital, recovering from a staph infection and cellulitis. Since I take this IV drug every four weeks, it has become one of the ways I measure my life. I could hardly believe it had been four weeks since everything turned upside-down for a few days.

How quickly things move on. We accumulate the trivia of our days without realizing how much time has passed.

The nurses apologized for saying that they look forward to seeing me again. I guess some people take it badly when they have to go to hospitals on a regular basis. My view is that these drugs are keeping me alive and well, so I told the nursing staff that I hope to be seeing them for many more months and years to come!

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