September 22, 2008

A weekend bandaged

Well, I have survived my weekend of bandaging but I can't say yet how much it has helped. On Saturday I wrapped my arm at 2 PM and stayed wrapped until the next morning. On Sunday we worked on a house project, so I wrapped my arm at 4 PM and stayed wrapped until 8 AM today.

I see the therapist again at the end of the week, so I will probably continue to bandage my arm at night and wear the compression sleeve during the day so I can live my life. You know, type on the computer, use a pen, iron, cook, feed myself -- all the little things that seem unbelievably complicated when the use of one hand is limited.

1 comment:

  1. My sisTeR-R I P- wenT through exactLy whaT yoU describe.....She foughT foR 10 yearS....
    GOD BleSS YoUuuuu