September 19, 2008

First round of MLD

I had my first physical therapy appointment to treat this current lymphedema flare-up. Manual lymphatic drainage is the most gentle massage imaginable -- if I was even remotely ticklish, it might be unbearable. The idea behind it is that since the lymphatic vessels are so close to the surface of the skin, anything more than the most delicate touch would blow right past them into underlying muscle and defeat the purpose of moving the blocked flow of lymph fluid.

My new therapist is about half my age. She really listened to me when I told her that I had been avoiding bandaging for 23 hours since it interfered so much with my ability to write, type, drive, cook, and generally do anything more than sit on the couch reading or watching TV. However, she also reminded me that bandaging for that long is the most effective treatment. So we agreed that I would increase my self-massage to twice a day and bandage over the weekend when RIk is around to be hands for me. I'll see her two or three times a week for several weeks.

I plan to start wrapping Saturday afternoon and be wrapped all of Sunday until Monday morning (with a short break for a shower on Sunday). If I'm cranky, you'll know why!


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  2. Hope your wrapped weekend goes well for you. God Bless.