September 11, 2008

Swedish Women's Wellness Luncheon

For three years I served on the steering committee for Swedish Medical Center's Women's Wellness Luncheon. In the past, the luncheon raised funds for breast cancer screening and awareness, funding the creation of the Comprehensive Breast Cancer Center at (then) Providence campus, where I received my original treatment. Proceeds from the event more recently helped the center purchase two state-of-the-art vehicles that take digital mammography to women all over Western Washington, especially to those living in small towns or on native land where access to mammography has been limited.

I am pleased to again host a table at this event, which takes place on Wednesday, Oct. 22 at The Westin Seattle. Tickets cost $125 and proceeds from this year's event will fund the Cancer Institute's Patient Assistance Program.

Funds from the Cancer Patient Assistance Program help people when their cancer treatment gets in the way of paying bills. If a woman doesn't have enough sick leave, if she needs child care, or help in paying the rent or mortgage, can't afford to buy gas to get to chemo, or pay the electric or heat bills, the Cancer Patient Assistance Program is there to help.

The Cancer patient Assistance Program is funded entirely through philanthropic gifts. In 2007, 393 people received $186,000 in individual assistance, in grants ranging in size from $20 to $2000 per person, based on need.

If you would like to join me at my table, please be in touch. And for those of you who live far from Seattle, if you would like to make a donation to this worthy cause, you can mail a check payable to SMC Foundation, 747 Broadway, Seattle WA 98122-4307.

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