December 09, 2007

Oy Chanukah Oy Chanukah a yontif a freydl

Tonight is the sixth night of Chanukah. We've had a whirlwind holiday with LOTS of fried potatoes. On Chanukah it's traditional to eat foods fried in oil to recall the miracle of the single cruse of oil that lasted for eight days.

On Tuesday (first night) it was just Rik and I so of course we had to eat latkes. On Wednesday I had choir rehearsal. On Thursday we both had evening meetings. On Friday night we went to friends for Shabbat dinner and I ended up frying latkes for 30 people. On Saturday night we went to other friends for soup and three different kinds of latkes: traditional potato, spinach (looked like green construction paper but tasted great!) and sweet cherry with cheese.

Tonight we had a close circle of friends over for soup, salad and yes, more latkes! I feel like I've been frying for days, and does our house smell from oil.

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