December 19, 2007

Lymphedema update

I saw the physical therapist today for lymphedema control. It took calling three different providers until I could find someone who had availability now instead of in a few months! Can you imagine waiting months to be able to use your hand normally?

The therapist said that I have edema in the chest, along the ribs and across the back. She did some manual lymphatic drainage and I scheduled five more appointments. Hopefully that and the bandaging 23 hours a day will bring this flare up under control.

In the meantime I will use my right hand more and hopefully not overuse it to the point of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. I'll make lots of mistake when typing. I'll try not to cut myself when using a knife. And I'll be wearing Rik's shirts -- only men's shirts have sleeves large enough to cover the wrappings!

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