December 28, 2007

Day 10

I have been able to wear my sleeve and glove for a few hours each of the past two days. Now I am at about 18 hours bandaged (down from 23). However, last night I got so frustrated at how tightly I had wrapped it that after tossing and turning for several hours, at 3 AM I tore it all off in a tizzy. Then I did finally manage to fall asleep, as did Rik. I think there will be a nap in our future this afternoon.

And for those who were curious, I do still remember how to use chopsticks with my right (non-dominant) hand. You should try it some time!


  1. God, what an ordeal.
    Glad you were able to finally get some sleep.

  2. Oh sweetie..I will pray for some relief of the pain
    Lympedema scares me
    as I see it should!!

    I pray 2008 will be a BLESSED year for you
    and I hope to visit your blog daily..