May 10, 2016

Seizure update

Yesterday I saw Dr Vermeulen, my radiation oncologist who zaps my brain mets with gamma knife. In November she hit 23 brain mets and was happy with the results. She says the two mets which swelled and caused the recent seizure were not problematic and would likely respond to both anti-seizure meds and steroids. But I won't be  allowed to drive for at least four months until my next brain CT.  This is problematic - no running errands, must get rides or Uber/taxis to appointments, etc. It will put more pressure on Rik and our friends. Thankfully Swedish has taxi vouchers through NW Hope and Healing, a local organization for breast cancer patients.

I feel more disabled than ever before. Not having independence of movement  is really tougher than I could imagine. On the other hand, I also feel reassured by Dr V.  I see Dr G on Thursday and will get his take on the seizure. In the meantime I'll try to enjoy the sun and not freak out too much.


  1. Thinking of you, Jill.

  2. Wow I just learned about your blog and so amazed to learn you've been 14 years with mets. I'm just 4 years out, and try not to think about tomorrow, but am so inspired to know you're living so long! The best to you!

  3. 4 months is a long time! Hopefully it means you get to spend time with people instead of it being a total pain in the butt!