May 06, 2016

More downs and some ups

I had a seizure yesterday in my right arm. First time ever. Must  have something to do with brain mets and reminded me of a friend's recent experiences with TIAs (mini strokes). My right hand made a fist and I couldn't relax  it. My arm pounded against my chest. Tried to use warm water to do so and then my hand  opened and I couldn't lift my arm. The whole thing lasted about 10 minutes. A friend took me to Cherry Hill ER where the neurologist on call diagnosed a focal seizure (one limb affected). I was glad I thought to say I'd had a stroke. I had immediate access to an ER room, nurses, doc, etc. Cherry Hill is still the best.

It was a scary day but I got to go home around 4 pm. My right arm is not working as well today even though I'm left handed things are complicated. Typing for instance - back to hunt and peck with pone hand like in high school. I'm not allowed to drive.


  1. Thank God you have s great medical facility to go to when you need help! I pray your right arm starts behaving itself soon!!! ;). Take good care!!

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