February 24, 2016

Counts coming up

Both my red and white cell counts are rising enough for me to feel better and go out to be with people. I'm still not sleeping well, which only contributes to my fatigue, but in general things are better.

Dr G plans to reduce my next dose of Alimta, hoping that it won't hit my counts quite as hard. I had a fascinating second opinion with Dr Julie Gralow at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and will post about that soon. One of her recommendations was to try bicaludamide again, given my androgen positivity. So I think Dr G will prescribe a lower dose of that as well. And he's agreed to take me off Faslodex, given my years of treatment with it and the scar tissue it has left in my tush. Time for a break.

Here's a pic of Boychik, who follows me everywhere. He's not really asleep, just in "paws" mode while I'm typing. When I stand up, he's awake and following me into the next room.

Bob tried to eat my mouth guard again this morning. For a dog with bad teeth, he sure likes to chomp on things!


  1. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Darling dogs!
    Pam :)

  2. Hello Jill, I wanted to introduce myself!My name is Lisa Fisher, very pleased to meet you !I lost my beloved Mother , Susan to metastatic breast cancer , when she was 48 years old and I myself was 23.To say losing my Mom was bad would be like saying Donald trump is outspoken !!An understatement for sure. In addition to having a family member with cancer, I have battled a debilitating disease for 34 years, Juvenille Rheumatiod Arthritis (JRA). I have had all of my lower extremities joints replaced , hips... knees all total joint replacement surgeries beginning at the tender age of 18. When I was 39 they wore out and needed to be re- replaced!!!so this is why I follow you Jill (may I call you Jill?) I admire you plain and simple. I find encouragement towars my own lifelong disability because you fight on.I wanted to let you know I am here reading your posts and admiring you.