March 07, 2016

Ankles and knees - again

My ankles and knees are painful again. In early January they really bothered me. Last week I saw my podiatrist, who diagnosed plantar fasciitis in my left heel. A few days later, my right ankle began to hurt, as did my left ankle (not just the heel). Then the knees. Could it just be arthritis? And how do you diagnose arthritis? X-rays? Other imaging? Lab tests?

I've asked Dr G to order an X-ray (if it would help) after today's chemo. And maybe we'll learn more.


  1. I have had plantar fascitis as well - I had big bruises on the bottoms of my feet. And then my physical therapist gave me some exercises. I have been doing them ever since and my feet are fine. Good luck!

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  3. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Could it be gout? Whenever I drink brewed coffee (instant is fine) for a couple weeks in a row... or drink wine at any time... I start feeling the ache in my wrists & ankles. I switch back to the instant coffee & lay off anything acid like orange juice & within a week or two I'm fine again. Just thought I'd mention this. There's some medicine that you can take for 3 days (I forget the name of it but my doctor has given it to me twice before) & if the pain is gone within those 3 days, then you know it's gout. I hope you feel relief soon. XOXOXO ~Sue

  4. My mother has aches that seem to move around her body. The doctor keeps reassuring her that it is just in the muscles but our minds always take it to the worst scenario. Hope they find an answer and relief for you.