August 20, 2014

12th metsiversary

Today is the twelfth anniversary of my diagnosis with metastatic breast cancer.

It's the only day in which I let myself blow a Bronx cheer / wet raspberry / mouth fart to cancer. Nyah-nyah! It's been twelve years and I'M STILL HERE!

The rest of the year I abide by the deal I made long-ago with my cancer: it could stay with me as long as it was quiet, because (sadly for both of us) if I die, it dies too. Read this blog post for more on the dream that started my deal.

I've planned all kinds of ways to celebrate my metsiversary over the years. Some were large parties; others were intimate gatherings -- but all were with friends and even occasionally with family. It's the kind of event that lends itself to celebrating with people. Tonight, however, is also a friend's very significant birthday, and we've been invited to celebrate with her. I think she'll understand if my toast to her also includes a nod to me.

My favorite toast is the one which my friend K graciously loaned to me so many years ago:
"May all your joy be true joy,
And may all your pain be champagne!"
If you want to join my celebration, then feel free to invite your friends and family to eat some chocolate and drink a glass of bubbly with you. Together we could be a global phenomenon!


  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Lovely photo! And cheers to you, Jill. :-)
    Greetings from Switzerland
    an old reader

  2. Congratulations! That you celebrate many more and I could see it !

  3. Happy metsiversary! You inspire many!

  4. Happy life and living, in spite of mets. You're definitely an inspiration. Just keep on dancing!

  5. Happy metsiversary! You keep the record of all the breast cancer blogs I follow.

  6. I am very exicited with this blog ... Keep sprit and inspred another

  7. Anonymous11:50 AM

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