August 29, 2014

Update re Dr G

I saw Dr G a few days ago and learned from the scan reports that my cancer has stayed the same in my brain, but the mets in my liver have grown significantly. My tumor marker also went up by 100 points. So it's definitely time to start another chemo. As Dr G put it, Xeloda clearly worked on my brain, but not so well on my liver. The PET/CT scan also showed a new metastasis in my left elbow, as persistent pain there indicated to me night be the case.

So I start Abraxane with Avastin this week, once a week for three weeks in a row. Somehow we fit Aredia (every three months) and Faslodex (monthly) into the schedule as well.

I feel good, and hope that next week's chemo will start to make a difference quickly!


  1. Best of luck with the new chemo. Sorry the last didn't work so well for your liver. Aasl the best!

    ~Kate, of Kate Has Cancer

  2. Jill, I have silently followed you while you had such a fun summer, and I felt your joy as you celebrated 12 years since your diagnosis. This recent progression feels so out of place with all the good that has been happening to you. I hope this new combination will again keep the cancer quiet for a long period of time.

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