April 02, 2014

Fatigue hitting me hard

The reason for the lack of posting is that fatigue has struck. Between the Xeloda and the Methotrexate, I am getting the full double whammy. I usually have about three good hours per day. If I split them up and nap between, I cope a little better, but if I use my time all at once, I hit the "wall" hard and really crash.

For instance, yesterday it was sunny and warm. I decided to walk the dogs to the drugstore and back, about 20 blocks round trip. I was dragging so by the time I got home, I could barely move. My feet hurt from the neuropathy and Hand-Foot Syndrome. My energy had completely dissipated. I was hot (it really was warm out). All I could manage was to get myself onto the sofa for a couple of hours. Then I felt better, hungry even, but those two hours were in complete fatigue. And all that from just walking the dogs!

Now I have to sign off to crash and later deal with some medical papers (bills, etc.)


  1. Rest rest rest. I hope the sunshines brightly went you need it, and brings along some energy.

  2. I remember those days of immense fatigue. As a women with Stage IV myself, I am very grateful and appreciative of this time of remission I'm in, that comes with enough energy to stay awake all day. I hope you get it too.