March 24, 2014

Overdoing and paying the price

Sometimes I overcommit myself. It could be because I forget to measure my energy, or because I don't know what the impact of a new drug will be. This weekend it was both.

Insomnia on Friday night.
Saw the naturopath first thing Saturday morning, now his only time to see patients.
Bought 48 Theo chocolate bars for Rik's upcoming classroom unit on agriculture and chocolate simulation exercise.
Went to synagogue to meet the final assistant rabbi candidate finalist.
Napped for two hours.
Rehearsed for that evening's choir gig and scared the daylights out of my friends, who were convinced that I would collapse on them.
"Stepped up" to perform -- the show must go on!
Attended a board party to meet to final rabbinic candidate.
Crashed at home to - ta da! - more insomnia.
Barely made it to Sunday brunch but enjoyed coffee, bagels, and TK's art. Went home with four original pieces!
Napped again and went out with Rik for a hamburger.
Slept this time like the proverbial log.
Barely made it to this morning's meeting and lunch with a friend.
Napped again with both dogs. Rik joined us after school.

What's the price for this weekend? Diarrhea, fatigue, hand-foot syndrome, queasy tummy.

I think I was crazy, but I did it all and managed to have fun with everything. As an MBTI extrovert, I get my energy from being with people, cancer notwithstanding.


  1. I often have to be careful about over doing things and pay the price when I do. But its also important to socialize and see people.

  2. Totally Guilty of overdoing, but I have tons of stuff to do. : ) Here's to making moments count... with a bit of rest..