April 22, 2014

Not for faint of heart: skin mets

If you ever wondered what skin mets look like.... I have three on my scalp. They itch a bit when forming and then scab over. This scab came off the other day. Actually it softened so much in the shower the scab came unhinged and I had to cut it off.

According to Dermatology Education:
About 70% of all cutaneous metastases in women are related to breast cancer. Skin involvement occurs in 24% of breast cancer cases. It is the presenting sign 3.5% of the time. 


  1. Thanks for sharing..Had never wondered but now I know :-)Isn't it painful when you inadvertently scratch?

  2. What do the oncs do for skin mets? Thanks for sharing. I wondered what that looked like. More to look for....

  3. I try not to scratch even when it itches a lot : ).

    Skin mets are like other mets except not life-threatening. So whatever treatment one is on should work for all mets.

  4. The itching sounds like the worst part! Thanks for sharing the picture, I have always wondered what skin mets look like. Will you have to switch therapy now?

  5. I am sorry to ask such a dumb question but. . . are skin mets dangerous if left untreated? And exactly how do they treat them? Thanks for sharing.

  6. My oncologist treats my skin mets with the same therapy as he uses for the rest of me. Metastatic disease can be whole-body-wide or just in one spot. But all new mets should be biopsied if possible to check if the ER/PR/Her2 neu status has changed.