February 17, 2014

No new brain mets

I saw Dr G today and the result of last week's MRI is no new brain mets. Yay! Now we move on to a PET/CT scan (haven't had one in a long time) and after we get those results, we will be ready to make a decision about changing treatment.

My cancer is slowly progressing, which means changing treatment. I may stay on Xeloda and add something I've already taken, such as Afinitor, or something new. I've already refused to take Abraxane or any other taxanes again because I fear the neuropathy in my feet will increase dramatically, as it did the one time I tried Taxol.

Dr G and I read about curcumin (the active ingredient in the Indian spice turmeric) being effective in cancer treatment. So I need to choose a new naturopath and get started with this.

In the meanwhile, I will get ready for the second cataract surgery, enjoy mid-winter break with Rik off of school, and schedule all these appointments.


  1. No new brain mets is always good new.

  2. Anonymous12:46 AM

    if you go to this blog margaret.healthblogs.org, and scroll all the way down about mid way, on the right side, you will find a wealth of information with regards to curcumin in the context of cancer treatment.

  3. I know several people who have liked the naturopaths at University Health Clinic on Roosevelt Way. I saw Dr. Mona Fahoum there a couple of times.