July 18, 2013

Tumor marker continues to drop

I got a peek at my recent labs and my tumor marker continues to fall. It's down another 20 points or so (I can't remember). Since my Xeloda side effects are still minimal , with three days to go on this cycle, I will hope to stay on this as long as it works.

My feet are a little tender, especially the heels, and the joints in my thumbs feel the same. Nonetheless, this is much improved over the last cycle of Xeloda. Perhaps the henna is working!


  1. Very good news. I hope they just keep on dropping!!

  2. Oh, Jill, what very good news! I rejoice!

  3. Very good to hear Xeloda works well for you! I hope your feet recover during the next break.

  4. It is indeed a wonderful news! I also hope that the Xeloda will continue to work for you and that the effects will continue to be minimal (or nothing at all). I saw pictures of the henna tattoo. They look beautiful! Wish you all the best and a bright future ahead!