July 29, 2013

I am a Bad Girl

Sorry I haven't posted more. When I feel well, I tend to be too busy to blog. Here's the recap:

Dr G says my numbers are good. The tumor marker has gone down another 20 points, so I am staying on Xeloda for another month. But somehow I got hooked on the nightly Ativan. Of course, I'd been taking it for about two months... Dr G recommended it as a way to "quiet" my feet at night, by taking 1 mg of Ativan an hour or so before going to bed.

Sadly, Ativan is a bit habit=forming, and after eight weeks, 1 mg was no longer enough to give me good sleep. So now I am dealing with rebound insomnia. I didn't sleep at all for a couple of nights, then took an Ambien, then didn't sleep again at all last night.

My feet continue to feel numb and painful at the toes. The neuropathy is a holdover from almost two years ago when I was on Abraxane. It leaves the body very slowly, in some cases never. So it's lingering in my feet at the toes, the last extremities.

In any case, I've felt well enough to go to synagogue, out to dinner, cook dinner, etc. Yesterday was the start of my second week off Xeloda, and I hope to feel even better and get more sleep!


  1. I hope the nights become easier and you soon find your way to sleep. In the meanwhile, enjoy going out and about! It's wonderful to hear you are too busy to blog.

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