July 15, 2013

All is good

My dear friend N reminded me today that I needed to update my blog, that people worry id they haven't heard from me for a while.

Basically, all has been fine since I last posted on July 6.  And when I feel good, I tend to be busier than not, which leaves less time for blogging.

My days have been basically the same: a doctor's appointment or other errands in the mid-morning that last until early afternoon, then a two hour nap, then dinner prep and an evening with hubby Rik.

I'm continuing to put henna on my hands and feet every other day (see Pub Med abstract). Today is Xeloda day 8 and my hands and feet are in pretty good shape. If things worsen, I imagine I will feel it by Thursday, but I am hopeful that the henna will help.

Tomorrow I start getting my Avastin and Aredia at Swedish Cancer Institute, since the Minor and James infusion center is no longer serving patients. I look forward to seeing my fave nurses at SCI!

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