June 12, 2013

Xeloda round 6 / MMJ

The fifth round of Xeloda knocked me down pretty hard. I had diarrhea and bad hand-foot syndrome for seven days, maybe longer. My hands have started to clear up as I start round 6 but I don't know how much more I can take. Tincture of opium finally cleared up 7 days of diarrhea.

I went to a medical marijuana coop yesterday and got a thorough education from the staff. Evidently some kinds of mj have more THC, the cannabinoid that makes you high, and other types have more of the cannabinoids that help relieve discomfort. I bought some salve for my feet (supposed to be helpful for neuropathy), and will use it for a week before commenting. They gave me  some "medibles:" a lollipop to suck on when pain is bad, and in lieu of a gram of MJ (I don't smoke), a 'special' brownie. 

I cut the brownie into 8 tiny pieces and tried one, even though I didn't have pain at the moment. I caught up on the ironing and went to take a nap. As soon as I lay down on the sofa I knew I was high (this is 90 minutes after eating the brownie bite). 

I felt detached from my body, had trouble focusing on a phone call, and slept hard for three hours. Basically it reminded me of morphine highs. I didn't really care for the experience but meanwhile the brownie is in the freezer. If I have nausea or other side effects, I can always take another bite.


  1. It's interesting to hear about your brownie experince. I wondered about that during my chemo days, thought MJ was never an offered option. I hope that salve helps.

  2. I am curious about your salve. After 1 1/2 years, my feet are worse than ever.

  3. Jill, I purchased this product for my sister: "Dixie Botanicals Dew Drops Hemp Oil Supplement". It is supposed to have high CBD and very low on THC. Is there a reason you don't use those? Will update you after my sister uses it.

  4. I've never heard of the Dixie Botanicals line but am not interested in a supplement, just trying to get some help for my feet.

  5. Thanks for telling us about the MJ options. So far traditional medicine is working fine for pain and nausea. I never smoked much, so I'm glad to hear of the brownie possibility. Hope you feel better next week. Kate, of Kate Has Cancer

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