June 03, 2013

Still with the diarrhea

It started Wednesday night and hasn't stopped yet. The Lomotil prescription from my oncologist didn't help any more than the OTC Immodium.

So I called Nurse Jaque this morning and she spoke with Dr G, who gave me a prescription for tincture of opium. This helped once before when I was hospitalized for about two weeks after a poor reaction to 5FU. I've had one dose and am supposed to take it every three hours. I sure hope it helps, because given the choice, I'd rather be constipated than have diarrhea.

I was very fatigued today as well and spent a long time on the couch. Yesterday two of my best friends came over for a long visit, which turned into an impromptu dinner (rice wraps with veggies and chicken) and a large selection of incredible desserts from Bakery Nouveau. We all over-indulged in chocolate praline cake, chocolate cheesecake, twice baked almond and chocolate croissants, fruit tart, and carrot cake (burp). I felt so much better with all the company, but I was extremely tired after they left and I think it carried over to today.

The lovely sunshine today made me want to work in my garden, but wasn't a strong enough impulse to actually get me out on my hands and knees. I did sit in the hammock and read for about an hour, which was delicious. And I watered, because it's supposed to be very warm this week.


  1. Hope that tincture helps! Keep yourself hydrated, Jill.

  2. Fingers crossed the tincture helps. And in the meanwhile, thank goodness for friends offering distraction.

  3. Anonymous6:34 PM

    So sorry, Jill. When I was on Xeloda and Tykerb, I pretty much lived on applesauce, toast, and baked potatoes. I could only do the blandest diet ever and it was so boring. Have you tried keeping a food diary?

    By the end of the year+ I was on X, I dreamed about being able to eat a salad. Or any kind of raw vegetable, or anything with fat! But those kinds of things always triggered the diarrhea. Had to do low-fiber, like white bread and pasta. Can't imagine that was good for me in other ways.

    Hope the tincture works for you!